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The Phancy Pharmer

Filling prescriptions for cookie at a time

All orders must be paid via Venmo or CashApp in full at time the time of placement.
Orders take 3 business days unless otherwise posted.

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Our Origins

Food is my love language!  I love entertaining and cooking for others, but baking is a different animal for me.  I started baking more as a way to relieve stress from the ol' 8-8 shifts at the pharmacy (yes, seriously).  On my days off, I found my joy in making meals, cookies or cakes for my family. I found that in making myself relaxed and happy, it made my loved ones happy too.  Thus, The Phancy Pharmer was born.

The Phancy Pharmer...

Filling prescriptions for happiness, one cookie at a time.

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The Phancy Pharmer

3515 Woodmont Park Lane
Louisville, KY 40245


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